Ed Hughes as St Edward the Martyr

Edward the Martyr was sanctified for what seemed to be somewhat flimsy reason: he was killed by a stepmother who offered him a glass of wine so that he could be stabbed in the back more easily. Now when you think of how difficult it is to be sanctified or even merely blessed, and how many saints loose their sainthood after a Vatican volte-face (St Christopher, St Cecilia), it does seem a bit strange that some dude, who just happened to be royalty and killed, is sanctified. However saints do not seem to represent society as a whole: the proportion of royals is rather high.

Anyway, my Edward is Ed, a friend who is of Welsh rather than English origins. He is a bit manic. The green background is inspired by the grass at the feet of some representation of Mary in the medieval rooms in Cologne's museum, Ed obviously pushes away the wine and dagger, and as the real Ed has gone to China and I like chinese patterns, plus in any case I cannot think of icons without thinking about propaganda posters, I thought it would be apt.

Oil on gesso, about 6 x 8 inches.