Jean Grieshaber as St John the Baptist

Now my icons are not always in chronological order of making/finishing: I tend to work on more than one at a time as I wait for the paint to dry.

I had in fact started and finished that one before Thomas the Apostle, BUT, I started thinking about it later.

The sitter is my grand-father on my mother's side, called Jean (John). He was a teacher of French, Ancient Greek and Latin and VERY good at proselytism of a non biblical kind. He died in the late 80's so I mostly remember him wearing the kind of clothes he wears there, with diagonal striped ties.
John the Baptist lived in the desert for a while, eating locusts and honey. St John the Baptist's symbol is a maltese cross, hence the lapel decoration.

Oil on gesso, about 4 x 6 inches.

Shown at the Crocus Gallery Open in 2012