Tom Hope as St Thomas the Apostle

That one, Doubting Thomas, is based on an old (as in long standing) friend who ALWAYS frowns and looks dubiously at you whether you are talking b..t or being perfectly straight. No one better could be my doubting Thomas.
Now Tom is beautiful. And he does not look as old in life as in his icon per se although I was fascinated as to how creases formed around his eyes each time he frowned whilst tasting his food (we met for an Italian lunch and he disapproved of some of the dishes as he is a bit of a connoisseur).

Anyway, Thomas the Apostle moved to India post crucifixion I assume to proselyte a bit. He died killed by a spear, hence his symbol. As it was summer, sunny, and nice to work in the garden, I became a tad involved in the background 'Indian' pattern.

Oil on gesso, about 6 x 8 inches.