Jess Elizabeth Scott as St Elizabeth of Hungary

St Elizabeth was very pious and led an exemplary life helping the needy, bringing them food and so on. After her husband's death, her heart broken and thanks to political going-ons she retired to a convent and died at an early age.
She is best known, besides her innate goodness, for the roses that fell from her cloak: she was once challenged when traipsing around the countryside carrying food to the poor and the food was miraculously transformed into roses. She is usually depicted in her red ermine lined cloak, with a crown and roses tumbling out.
Jess, whose middle name is Elizabeth, is said to have been born thanks to divine intervention. She bakes excellent cakes and traipse around far and wide in her DMs bringing food to her friends. Her hair sports natural angelic curls but its colour does vary.
4x6 inches