Tim Hale as Saint Timothy

Saint Timothy did a fair amount of proselytism with Paul and is usually represented with the book or scroll he walked around with. Although very successful at converting people to Christianity, he never knew when to keep quiet and stop preaching and was stoned to death at the grand age of 80 by pagans when he tried to stop a feast to Diana. Hence his shield is of a red background with a gold club and silver rocks.
Another interesting fact about Timothy is that his mother was Jewish, his father Greek, but he was not circumcised as a child. To facilitate his acceptance amongst the Jews he would try to convert, he was circumcised as an adult, some say even by Saint Paul himself. Perhaps because of this, he suffered from weak health and was advised to drink wine instead of just water to strengthen himself.
Tim Hale would not object to this advice. His proselytism is closely bound to computer games or to films as he is a proto-nerd, but he also does a fine line in obscure music information being quite reliable when it comes to who did what when and in what band. He will bore people to tears about this if you let him but no one has tried to hit him over the head with a club or to stone him. As for his circumcised status, he might be my oldest mate, but I am afraid I do not know. I don't think he has any friends called Paul.
4x6 inches