Martin Reed as St Martin

St Martin is most famous for cutting his coat in half to share it with a pauper he had encountered. However, he did many other things and is one of the most popular saint in France.
Originally a soldier (at the time of the coat incident at least) he is said to have introduced wine production to one assumes France, and thus is the patron saint of wine-makers. Also, as he had trouble leaving the army, he is the patron saint of conscientious objectors. I have used grapes and white poppies to symbolise both. For more on white poppies, see: Peace Pledge Union
White poppies are sold at the same time as red poppies for remembrance day, on the 11th of November, which is... St Martin's feast day.

In French the kingfisher is known as 'martin-pĂȘcheur' and the rest of the patterns come from Turkish designs. Strangely enough I have only cottoned on just now that I technically went to St Martins which is yet another link (I went to Byam Shaw the year they were 'absorbed' by St Martins).
Martin Reed was the owner of Silverprint in London. He is great at concocting various dangerous chemicals for the darkroom and a great pinhole camera builder: indeed he once won a pinhole camera competition by building a 360 degree one and received a cheap camera as a prize which was a bit of a disappointment. He had failed to notice that the competition was aimed at under 12 years olds.

Gesso board, 6 x 4 inches, gilding and oil and a fair amount of glazing...