Not quite a saint, Deborah features in the Old Testament as a prophet, dispensing advice to all and sundries from her favourite spot under a tree.
Wise and witty she was a font of knowledge, strong and independent.

My Deborah is also wise, as well as incredibly nice (and gorgeous). I always found her witty, but that might have been helped by the copious amount of red plonk we used to quaff in our studenty days.

She is also the queen of evolution and has a great trick of saying 'oh I can't do that' and then do it better than everyone. For example, having previously claimed not to be academic, she proceeded to collect Master degrees.  She used to not be keen on cats, now she fosters rescued felines in her spare time.
A trained dancer, she is incredibly strong (yet looks dancer like and fragile) and has a stupendous work ethic that plays in her favour in the big world of business.

6 x 4 inches
Started in 2013 and finished in 2014