Sylvie Borel as St Sylvie

5 x7 inches
Started in 2013 and finished in 2014

Sylvie as a name means of the forest (sylvian) and Saint Sylvie is not the most famous of saints. She became a saint by being the mother of Pope Gregory the great and by being a great example to him and others of devotion and thereby a de facto proselystizer.
She was a keen nutritionist, making sure her son's menu included such and such so as to maintain him at optimal health. Apparently she did not trust the fruit and vegetables from the local market and would try to obtain things from her own garden to feed her son.

Sylvie is the patron saint of Priests' mothers.

Now our Sylvie is not the mother of a pope but she is a proselytizer and has converted many to the love of the darkroom. She is a photographer, sculptor and a great teacher, a vegan or vegetarian depending on social situation (not easy being vegan when out and about), a gardener, mountaineer and bee-keeper, a follower of alternative and holistic treatment, deeply interested in all matters spiritual and currently a keen student of theravada buddhism.

Sylvie is also responsible for this work: she gave me oil paints in 2012 so that I could have a try.