Lucette and Marie-Lise

There is a St Luce/Lucie but there is no saint with a compound name that I have come across.
I was brought up by those two, they now have American cocker spaniels instead. They like to go on exotic jaunts and are generally deemed to be completely bonkers.
Lucette was named so because my grand-father like Paris (Lut├Ęce) and it is such an old fashioned name that it almost suit my not very old fashioned mother. Marie-Lise, otherwise known as Gline by myself since childhood, is a twin. Her brother  also has a compound name, I guess one way to remember that one was not alone in the womb.
So why not as saints? I cannot quite fathom Gline as a St Mary as this is not her name. I cannot do my mother alone as a saint, even though there is plenty of material there (ahem) as this would be unfair on the other. So here we go, neither as a saint, grinning away in the jungle.